Vanagon storage

The foot stool over the shag carpet make me feel like taking a nap in this van. First up is the front table used as a rear cabinet door as shown in the picture above. The rear cabinet door is quite small and adding a larger door is desirable. Nice job! Click through to see his rear sliding window mod. She is a Subaru conversion with an interesting two tone purple and white paint job.

If you look closely you can see they painted the wheels purple too. All they need now is a new set of wheels to spruce her up, even if they go with the GoWesty rims. This double cab Syncro has a unique a hydraulic tipper bed that effectively turns it into a dump truck. The dark grey paint with roll bars and modified bumpers add some toughness to this VW truck.

The extra large tires also add to that tough feel. I like the truck side view mirrors too. Where can I get one of these bad boys? Click through for more pictures. I ran across this little beauty on Facebook. These are supposedly white snake skin door panels for a Vanagon, and the rest of the interior has been restored to match.

vanagon storage

Click through to check it out. What happens when a Vanagon owners loves his log cabin so much he wants the same door on his Vanagon? This van looks crazy, but you have to admire the spunk of the owner.

SmallCar Space Saver Spare

He even added some wood paneling to the side panel to complete the look. Click through to see the interior. Here is a nice Vanagon flooring job. This user from The Samba decided to rip out the carpet and add two color bamboo flooring to his van.

He did a great job. Click through for another pic. She looks basic but gets the job done! It looks like the sides are locked in place so they likely open up. The pitched roof give it a homemade feel. This is an interesting story of Frye, who converted a Westy into a budget micro cabin in the woods.

It has a very old cabin feel complete with a wood burning stove. This one offers a different view of what van life can be. Click through for the full video. We have seen a few A-Team themed Vanagons. This one comes courtesy of Van-Cafe. If you check out the websiteyou can see this van from another angle.

vanagon storage

Auxiliary Battery Kit Hack — 66ah. Mounting the MagLite.

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Vanagon Ambulance Rust theme?Every spring when our beloved vans come from hibernation, I see the effects of the lack of proper storage. I'm going to take a few minutes to help make sure they don't wake up cranky in the spring. I'm assuming that the van has been undercoated. We use Fluid Film, which is a byproduct of wool production, it's a non petroleum based product that doesn't affect plastic or rubber.

First thing I do with my van is take it to the nearest gas station and have the fuel tank filled to the top, with supreme fuel. Try to get fuel with out ethanol. Ethanol will degrade the factory fuel lines and plastic parts.

Storage / Toilet Box, Westfalia-Style Reproduction

While you're there, fill the tires to the proper air pressure as per the sticker on your door jamb. Next, bring it back home and give it a good bath, outside, clean the bugs off, wash and add a coat of wax to the paint. I wipe the door jambs down and spray a little silicone spray on the rubbers to keep them from sticking and keeps them soft. Get out your vacuum out and clean all the crumbs and dirt from the interior, don't forget the cabinets and spice racks!

Remove all food, and wipe the sink and stove top down to make sure there's nothing that will attract mice to move in while you're not using it. They love camping too. Once that's all done, you can move the van inside and disconnect your batteries.

Used Volkswagen Vanagon for Sale

I like to bring them in the house if the storage area isn't heated. Ideally, if you can't remove them, buy a little battery maintainer. I like to raise the roof and open the skylight to let the interior breathe a bit. It will help with mold growing on the inside of the roof. I know it sounds like a lot, but it sure makes a world of difference in the fall when it comes out for the summer.

Vanagon Winter Storage Every spring when our beloved vans come from hibernation, I see the effects of the lack of proper storage.Keeping your valuables safe on the road counts especially when going a good few miles away from home. Lets face it any local petty criminal knows there are more valuables to be had in a camper you are living in for a week or two and you can become a target, especially in car parks near ferry ports with 25 year old door locks that one key usually fits all!

Just choose the side you want by picturing yourself sat inside your van looking out of the front window. Made from thick 16 and 12ga. Keep your valuables hidden and secure in this locking storage drawer. Cameras, jewellery, pass ports, wallets, tablets, ipods, keys, mobile phones, you name it! Everything will remain safe and secure in your new drawer. The Combi-Cam lock can be set to any 3 digit combination you like, and changed anytime in the future. A snap on dust cover is also standard to keep dirt out of the lock assembly on your next adventure.

Interior Dimensions are a generous You can even clad your locking draw with your carpet off cuts to make the instal really hard to find. Fitting template and guide can be found here. We hold all of our stock here in the UK for fast dispatch to the UK and around the world. Adeybruce — June 16, Just fitted mine under the passenger seat. The job took at the most 90 minutes, and I guess if I was fitting a second one and I do want a second one Jed!

Take care to note the position of the swivel seat handle — not only as you can see it from above, but also by looking under the seat, and test the handle operates unencumbered, before you drill the holes for the screws. All in all, quite an easy job.

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Love it! Last bit of advice — I went for the passenger seat version as I thought it would be easier to get to.

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Ahem, looks like I will have to get the other side too! Heinz — May 14, Das Material und die Verarbeitung ist perfekt und hochwertig.

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vanagon storage

But please be prepared for some possible changes. Further info here.The combination will fit in the stock Vanagon clamshell.

This is a good solution for Vanagon owners running larger wheels and tires but wanting to carry their spare in the original location. Syncros will need to be fitted with a decoupler when using this smaller spare.

vanagon storage

Removing the hoops that are built into the clamshell storage area to accommodate this type of spare is required.

Must use hardened lug nuts for installation. Lug nut.

Living The Van Life - Roof Top Storage

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Vanagon Direct Replacement Parts. Subaru-Vanagon Conversion Parts. Conversion Kits. Cooling System.Used Volkswagen Vanagon for Sale 4. Overall Rating. Track Price Check Availability.

Volkswagen Vanagon Buyer's Guide. Owner Reviews. By Rating. Overall 4. I think it's the most affordable thing for camping out in the wilds but still keeping a certain level of comfort. However, over the years I have had repeated issues with the engine overheating and the car shutting down.

This has caused me to only be able to camp during the spring, winter, and fall months since I have to avoid the summer. I love these vehicles so much that, even when I went across country to vacation in Yosemite, I rented one to camp in! It has a few nice amenities, including a mini I love the size of my Westfalia and have had a few over the years. It has a few nice amenities, including a mini refrigerator by the rear seats, a two-burner stove, and even a little sink.

Being in a vehicle, you get a lot more sound insulation than you would in a tent. With pull-curtains, you have privacy at your disposal if you want it. I rented one to visit Yosemite Park and stayed there for a week.

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It served as a very nice home base. There's enough storage for a small inflatable raft next to the back seats and the refrigerator, sink, and oven raise the comfort level.

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The top is very easy to raise up. Even as a kid m Even as a kid my family had a Westfalia too when I grew up I was able to raise it without strain.We recently sold our original-equipment portable chemical toilet with wooden cabinet. This authentic vintage piece features a sturdy plywood cabinet with the familiar Westfalia laminate finish, and a padded seat top upholstered to match the interior of the early Vanagon Westies.

The enclosed Porta-Potti is a compact two-chamber toilet: open the lid and do yer bidness, pull the front handle to open the bowl valve, and give the unit a couple of flush pumps to rinse the bowl clean; then close the valve. Waste is collected in the sealed lower chamber, preventing odors. When full, simply empty into any campground toilet or sanitary station, rinse, and continue using! Refresh with common RV toilet chemicals available at any RV supplier. Due to the surprising amount of interest in this vintage item, even after it was sold, I may consider offering exact reproductions of the toilet cabinet.

These reproduction cabinets would be the same dimensions as the original or potentially custom sizes to match your own Porta-Pottiwould utilize all the same materials laminated plywood, trim, hardware, etc.

If interested, please contact me with any inquiries or questions! Notify me of replies and followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. View previous campaigns. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. By Jeffrey Lee. You may also dig these! No Comments. Categories : Camping AccessoriesHappy Camping.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Search Camp Westfalia. Get the Camp Westfalia newsletter! Email Format html text. Wear your love of VWs and van-camping with pride! Merch Store. All brand and model names are trademarks of their respective owners. The use of "Volkswagen," "VW," "Vanagon," "Transporter," or other Volkswagen model names or part numbers, or "Westfalia," is for reference and application purposes only.

No inference should be drawn that there is any connection either direct or implied between Camp Westfalia and Volkswagen Group, Westfalia-Werke, or Westfalia Mobil.The onboard water tank should of course be emptied, rinsed, and well drained after each camping outing. Do NOT use standard automotive engine coolant antifreeze, which is poisonous. These additives will prevent corrosion from moisture and the build up of varnish. Diesel additives also help prevent bacteria, fungus and algae.

If the formula you choose does not include a component to prevent fuel gelling or freezing, you can also include a fuel-line antifreeze for your specific type of fuel. Remove any supplies which are perishable or which can be damaged by freezing: canned goods or other food, etc.

Remove anything from your camper van that may attract mice. Food, candy, snacks, even paper tissues, napkins, and other tempting nesting materials should be taken out of your Westfalia for the off season. You may even want to deploy mouse traps, or use cotton balls doused with peppermint oil throughout your van to repel them.

If your van will not be driven for more than weeks, a trickle or maintenance charger should be used to keep the battery s near full charge state while parked, either in the van or indoors. A lead-acid automotive battery will generally discharge about one percent per day, even if not used. Add to this any parasitic battery drain from stereos, clocks, or other devices, and you can quickly ruin even a new battery.

Use a quality automated maintenance charger to keep them topped up throughout the winter months. Park your Vanagon in a garage or beneath a carport during the off season, if possible. If not, there are still some things you can do to protect your van. Protect your Vanagon tires from the UV rays of the sun during the winter and between camping trips with easy-on, easy-off RV wheel covers.

For all the same reasons and more, a quality full-vehicle cover for your Vanagon is important if stored outdoors. A good cover will help keep rain, snow, and airborne crud off your van while parked, but you should look for a cover made of a breathable fabric, so that moisture is not trapped beneath the cover where it can damage the paintwork.

Van covers range in price and in material, with more expensive covers generally being more durable and breathable, and sometimes including additional features like door access zippers.

This moisture can lead to the growth of unhealthy and unsightly black mold or mildew inside your van roof, and even deteriorate the Westfalia canvas. So keep the snow off, and occasionally air it out. Thanks for your posts. I have a 78 Westy and live in Ontario Canada. Your advice on thermal mass is VERY accurate. What do you recommend for mould?

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